Best Holiday Party Restaurants in Arlington, TX

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Arlington, Texas, has a warm ambiance that embraces you. The local folks are known for their love of food and not just food but good food. You will find an array of restaurants that cater to different tastes in food. With the onset of the holiday seasons, people flock to different restaurants to celebrate these events. Christmas is around the corner, and most people have been looking forward to this year’s christmas party to lift up their spirit from the epidemic. Boasting of some of the best restaurant that you can book for an event are.

Piccolo Mondo

The Italian cuisine restaurant located in the heart of the city’s metroplex offering a banquet room that that serves you for any activity that you would hold. The family-owned business has been present for more than three decades and has become a household name. Its location is ideal for people living within the city. The business also offers entertainment to guests in the form of live performances.

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

Just as the name suggests, the outdoor sitting restaurant is well known in Arlington, TX, for its sea delicacies like shrimp. The outside seating is ideal for a company holiday party as there are enough room and service to cater to them. Located along Copeland road, the place serves a varied client base in the upmarket region.

The restaurant is ideal for holding cooperate event and parties. The place boasts of an all American cuisine serving upscale seasonal American fare and weekend brunch. The business is located in Manor House of The Sanford House with an alluring atmosphere, serves you an exquisite meal in the company of family and friends. The establishment is perfect for a casual event later on in the evening.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Serving Mexican food, the Texas-based chain restaurant is very popular. The Hacienda serving style is ideal for a group to come together to have a party and make merry. It also has outdoor seating serving a huge number of patrons without congestion. Happy hour is also something to look forward to on top of the excellent margaritas they serve. The establishment is also known for hosting tourists.

This joint is one of the best places to come together for a bonding session over a sumptuous meal and drink. This holiday season, the team at Keg offers you a holiday takeout option or dine at home. They bring their services to where you are at your convenience, giving you the holiday experience you want to make memories with family and friends. At Keg, you can buy prepare home celebration kits from their online platform, or you can participate in their curbside pickup at designated locations.

This award-winning establishment is famous for its signature Certified Angus Beef steaks. The renowned hospitality and delicious meals make it an ideal place for a family outing. Here you get to enjoy a wonderful meal accompanied with a drink of your choice. The joint is inclusive as it has a friendly approach to the LGBTQ community. The friendly nature at Saltgrass coincides with the neighborliness of the town, making it a place where you and your loved ones can hang out and relax.

This beautiful hotel has a high-end restaurant that serves tasty meals. Five miles from the Cowboy stadium, the location is perfect for game lovers who want to share a meal and rest before the game starts. With its spacious courtyard, the hotel is able to accommodate people in groups of up to 250. This is ideal for holding your holiday celebrations and parties. The establishment is perfect for hosting several events, including Weddings.

Located on the northeastern corner of Interstate 20 on Matlock road, the joint exudes a family-friendly ambiance. Coupled with their delicious meals, the establishment has been a household name for the last forty years. They are famous for their Chicago-style deep dish pizza with generous side dishes. Their signature beers and ciders are a common threat to the patrons on top of the seasonal and local brews.

Eateries in this town are the most family-friendly and are large enough to accommodate a group of people. The meals offered at these joints are almost similar, depicting the close relationship between the locals. Sharing a meal and merrymaking are some of the best options for bonding something that the food establishments in this city are willing and ready to offer.

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