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Your satisfaction is our first priority. We know how overwhelming the decisions can be for what Garage Door will work best for your home and your family, this is why Alamo Doors and Gates LLC provide you with the best options and the real prices for products, so you can make the right decision when choosing your new Garage Door. 

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Why Choose Alamo Doors And Gates

License and insured

Never place your doors in the hands of a company that's not covered. Our job is backed with industry-best insurance and license.

High Quality Parts

We only use the best parts so your garage is reliable and also long-lasting. Most of our part is locally made in the US

Same Day Service

Don’t wait around, we’ll do it today! We keep our trucks full with inventory so we can complete most jobs at the same appointment.

Hundreds of 5 star reviews

Check out our Google reviews we have hundreds of five-star reviews from happy clients.

Extended Warranty

Better warranty better parts we make sure that our work will last for a long period of time.

Your Garage Door Experts with Over 30 Years of Service

family-owned and operated business

Garage Door Supplier in Arlington and Fort Worth Tx

Alamo Doors and Gates is a family-owned and operated business located in Arlington and Forth Worth, Texas. Alamo Doors and Gates service our local clients for over than 30 years in the Arlington and Forth Worth, Texas area. We have been blessed over the years with opportunities to serve our community and grow into a thriving business in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.We are a company committed to fair prices and quality service. We have awesome employees who all share our passion to serve our customers.We are committed to providing our city with 5 star services. Call Now  817-265-2563

Alamo Doors And Gates

Alamo Doors and Gates Arlington and Forth Worth Texas

Broken Spring

Broken springs are no problem to fix for our technicians

Door Off Track

Contact us today if your garage door is off track!

Alamo Doors and Gates Local in Arlington

Backed Into Car Door

Backed into your garage door? We'll return it to like new conditions!

Garage Door Service

We are experts in all forms of door repair & service!

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Our Services

Garage Door Installation

Alamo Doors & Gates, we have over 30 years experience serving our clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. So if you want garage door installation performed by expert technicians you can trust from your community

Garage Door Repair and Install

Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair can be a daunting task--and rightly so. There are many moving parts and a lot of weight is held up by the garage door system, so replacing your garage door can be both risky and labor-intensive. Whether the issue with your garage door is structural

Garage Door Opener Repair

our garage door is an essential part of your house and crucial to your daily routine. It can be easy to take your garage door opener for granted--easy, that is, until something goes wrong.

Garage Door Repair and Install

Garage Door Tune -Up

You may not think of it this way, but your garage door is a major appliance like a car. And like other major appliances, regular tune-ups are a great idea.

Alamo Doors and Gates Local in Arlington

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Give us a call today and reference this discount from our website and save up to $30 off any service from Alamo Doors and Gates! Alamo Doors and Gates LLC

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Alamo Door & Gates handles all services that go with your garage door repair and installation needs. It is rare for a garage door’s cables to break, but we are available to you 24/7 with questions. There’s nothing worse for you to be left with a garage door that’s stuck open because of a broken cable. A garage door lift system is complex. To fix a broken cable, you would need all the proper tools and materials needed. We can handle anything that happens to your garage door.
At Alamo Door & Gates, we are the garage door expert for North Texas. Garage doors have many moving parts and will require you to have the know-how to fix any issue. You will also need the proper tools, and different problems will require different tools. A door being stuck open will allow weather or animals to come in. We are a professional garage door repair team, and we will fix any issue. Call us at any time.
Garage door installation prices vary depending on the project. The cost is determined by factors such as the amount of labor, door design, and material, tracks, and hardware. Changing structural parts of the garage may require permits which also affect the overall cost of garage door installation. Alamo Door & Gates can assist you through the entire process, from choosing the right door for your needs, to meeting HOA requirements, price estimates, and finally installation.
At Alamo Door & Gates, we have a team of experts who believe in our products. When we install a garage door, we know it’s the best quality. Garage doors are heavy, and they require tools that you may not have. If you try to fix a busted garage door spring by yourself, you could be injured. The process involves locking down the door, unrolling the working spring and securing the torsion tube. Our experts can handle this job, and the replacement part will be one we believe in.

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