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Garage Door Tune -Up

Get a Garage Door Tune-Up Before you run Into any Major Service Issues

Garage Door Tune -Up

You may not think of it this way, but your garage door is a major appliance like a car. And like other major appliances, regular tune-ups are a great idea. Alamo Doors and Gates is glad to offer you a Garage Door Tune-Up, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out. We proudly serve the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas!

Your garage door opener is something that you rely on every day–in fact, for many people with attached garages, the garage door opener is the primary entry point to the house. We often don’t think about how much it takes for the garage door to work, but it’s quite a complex machine.

Garage Door Tune-Up Done Right

The garage door and garage door opener are made up of hundreds of parts, and each one has to work properly to ensure convenient and reliable operation of your garage door.

Fortunately, the garage doors used by Alamo Doors and Gates, serving Addison and Cedar Hill, are built well enough that this service isn’t needed too frequently. However, we do still recommend that you get a garage door tune-up once a year. This will save you lots of hassle down the road by making sure that everything stays as it should. After all, time can wear down even the highest-quality components, and getting them inspected and tuned up regularly can help alleviate this.

When we do a garage door tune-up here at Alamo Doors and Gates, serving Grapevine and Midlothian, we do it right. We’ll start with a general inspection and diagnostic, making sure that everything is working as it should. Then, we’ll look towards some of the more common areas that can become a problem (like loose bolts or slightly misaligned chains). We’ll lubricate moving parts and let you know if any parts are worn out and in need of replacement or repair.

You may be asking yourself: “Can’t I perform a tune-up myself?” While there are some guides around, we strongly recommend that you call the professionals. The garage door and garage door opener can be quite dangerous; not only is the door heavy, but components like the spring have an immense amount of pent-up energy that could spell disaster for your property or even your body if it were to come loose. Your safety is important, which is why we strongly urge against doing things (like do-it-yourself garage door tune-ups) that would put you in danger.

Whether your garage is working wonderfully or starting to creak and groan, an annual tune-up is a great idea. Give us a call here at Alamo Doors and Gates, proudly serving Roanoke, The Colony, and beyond, and we’ll take care of your tune-up! Our friendly and professional service members know exactly how to make sure that your garage door lasts long and works well. We look forward to meeting you, helping you with your garage door needs, and showing you how our service and customer dedication set us apart from the rest!

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