2018 Design Trends: Choosing Garage Doors Arlington Texas

garage doors Arlington TexasLooking to update that old garage door but not sure which style to choose?

Don’t worry! Here’s the scoop on this year’s trends in garage doors Arlington Texas.

With this guide, your new garage door will be the trendiest on the block.


Recent trends in all aspects of the design world are bringing nature back. That means natural materials as well as designs and colors inspired by nature.

Wood has been a trending material in the garage door world forever. However, it has typically been covered with paint.

This year’s trend is all about wood in its beautiful natural form.

Wood garage doors scream elegance, sophistication, and coziness.

You’ll find all types and colors of wood on the popular market in 2018. Reclaimed and distressed, new and shiny, dark and light, whatever style you prefer will be trendy.

The versatility and range of wood options allow wooden garage doors to work with any type of home and construction.

Bold Colors

Having a bold-colored garage door adds character and personality to your home without overdoing it. If your house needs some extra flair, then spicing up the garage door is the perfect way to to do it.

Specifically, natural marine colors like teal, aqua, and blues are among this year’s trends. And not only for sea-side homes.

Oceanic tones can work with most home styles and with various textures. They give the house a fresh and airy feel.

Another color that is trending is bright red. If you’re looking to make a powerful first impression, this is the color to choose.

Bright red pairs well with neutral-colored homes of various styles.

One additional color that you’ll find trending in home style magazines is gray.

Gray has been in style within home interior design and decor for a few years now. It has finally found its way to the home exterior and we’re loving it.

Gray garage doors will give your home a modern edge. It works best with stone or brick homes.

More Windows

Windows are not new to garage doors. But, today’s trend is taking them further.

The current rustic meets modern trend has brought loading dock doors back to hip bars, restaurants, breweries, and shops. The old school garage doors, that is. You know? The ones that have windows from head to toe.

The trend has now made its way to the home front. Garage doors made up almost entirely of windows are in. Doors with very large windows are trending, too.

This trend is great for making a garage brighter and warmer.

It may even inspire you to join the large percentage of people who use their garages for hobbies and projects.

Ready for Your New Garage Doors Arlington Texas?

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