5 Common Causes for Garage Door Repair Arlington TX

Garage Door Repair Arlington TXFew things in life are worse than pulling up to your house, hitting the garage door button, and seeing nothing happen.

That ice cream in your trunk might start to melt down faster than your kiddos who are anxious to get out.

In a world filled with technological conveniences, sometimes our most common perks give out on us.

If you should ever find yourself approaching meltdown territory, let’s see if the problem is one of the quick fixes listed below or a more serious call for garage door repair Arlington TX.

1. The Batteries in Your Transmitter Are Dead

It’s best to start with this presumption because it’s one of the easiest fixes. If the batteries in your transmitter are dead, this can be resolved in no time at all.

Work your way into the garage another way and check the button on the wall. Hopefully, the door will open then, signaling it’s time to replace the batteries in your transmitter.

2. Something’s Blocking the Photo Eye

There’s no chance of a basketball getting squashed under your garage door anymore.

Federal law mandates that garage doors produced on or after January 1994 must be equipped with a photoelectric eye.

Thanks to those two little sensors at the base of modern garage door tracks, they’ll never close on something that stands in the way.

If nothing’s obstructing the sensors, then it’s time to get down low and see if they simply need to be cleaned.

These sensors have tiny glass lenses, so they do need a spritz of Windex from time to time.

3. A Torsion Spring Broke Loose

If one of your torsion springs broke while you were in the house, you’d know it. It makes such a loud popping sound, you’d think someone set off a firecracker in your garage.

But, maybe this happened while you were away from home. If a spring is broken, you might notice your garage door start to open and close again under the weight.

The springs do most of the heavy lifting, so when they go, it’s time to call for garage door repair Arlington TX.

Whatever you do, don’t try to open the doors manually. This could be truly dangerous for you and anyone else around.

4. A Cable Popped Off

Unfortunately, if a spring goes, it’s rather common to see a cable snap, too. You’ll see the evidence of this right away and know you need to call for repair.

You probably noticed we’ve been working in order of repair, from smallest to largest. And the problem with a cable snapping off is that it can damage anything in its wake.

Hopefully you didn’t have a GT 500 parked anywhere near those cables. Be sure to check for chips, scratches, or cracks on any classic cars nearby.

5. Your Limit Settings Are Off-Kilter

Limit settings work hand in hand with your photo eye sensors. So, if you close your garage doors, but they pop right back open again, it might be the limit settings.

If the setting is too high, the garage door will close before it thinks it should and pop right back open again.

Your manual is going to be your best friend in this moment. And it will take some experimentation with various settings to see which one is right.

If the sun starts to set and you see you’re losing an entire afternoon to limit settings, give your friends over at Alamo Door a call. We’ll have them reset in a jiffy.

Garage Door Repair Arlington, TX

Don’t spend too much time meddling with what appears to be a finicky garage door.

Since we began Alamo Doors 18 years ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with families all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

If your doors have gone kaput, we can fix it. Give us a call today so you never have to say spend a Sunday afternoon battling limit settings.

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