5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair in Arlington, Tx

garage door repair in Arlington, Tx

Garage door repair in Arlington, TX, might seem simple at first.

But thousands of injuries occur each year while garage doors are being worked on, or following DIY repairs. Sadly, many of these injuries affect children.

Don’t put your family at risk – hire a pro for your Arlington garage door repair. It’s safer, you’ll keep your home secure, and you’ll save money in the long run.

Here are the 5 things you need to look out for that mean it’s time to make the call.

1. The Door Doesn’t Move, or Moves Slowly

If the door is jammed shut or jammed open, you’ve got an obvious problem. If it moves slowly, that might be a warning that the motor is on its way out.

Plus, if the door is jammed open and your garage is connected to your home, be aware that thieves love to gain access to houses via garages. It can be much less conspicuous than a window or the front door.

You need to get it fixed fast.

2. A Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is a tell-tale sign of an aging or damaged door.

The noise might be happening because of obstructions in the track, or damage to the door (or tracks) that is causing metal parts to grind against each other.

Over time, this will wear out the door and put the mechanism under strain. Both of which can result in dangerous doors over time.

3. A Shaky Garage Door

Shaky garage doors are often caused by a simple lack of lubrication, but it could be something more serious. For example, the pulleys might be pulling the door unevenly along the track, causing the door to judder as it moves.

Have a professional check out the situation to understand what’s wrong. Regular maintenance is important to catch these issues early on.

You should visually inspect the door every few months, keeping an eye and an ear out for shakiness and noise.

4. The Door Has Fallen off Its Tracks

If the door rollers have fallen off the tracks, do not try to guide them back by yourself. You may trap a finger – or much worse.

Also, don’t try to use the door. It won’t work, and you could be causing invisible damage to the mechanism. If that needs to be replaced too, you’re looking at a much more expensive job.

5. Slow to Respond

When you press the door control buttons, is there a delay before the door responds?

If you notice this happening, the electronics might need looking at or replacing. Or you could have a problem with the motor itself. Either way, this tricky job is best left to the pros!

Garage Door Repair in Arlington, TX

Alamo Door specializes in garage door repair in Arlington, TX. If your garage door is looking in poor shape or you’re experiencing problems, give us a call.

Commercial, residential, new installation or repair work. During our 18 years of service, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all.

Let us do the same for you.

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