7 Tips to Prevent Break-Ins With Your Garage Door

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Were you aware that your garage door is the weakest point of your home security? Not only is it a weak point, but it also provides shelter to the thief once they’ve made it inside. An open garage door isn’t exactly suspicious.

If your garage door is vulnerable here are 7 tips to prevent break-ins with your garage door in Arlington TX.

Keeping Passwords To Yourself

If your garage door opens via a code, make sure you keep said code to yourself. Keeping it to yourself will ensure that nobody breaks in.

If you have guests over, or you have someone coming over to make repairs on your house, most systems allow you to give them a one time use password.

This will allow the door to be open and closed using a specific password for a limited amount of time. This time frame will be set up by you. This sounds like an obvious one but, sometimes we just trust the wrong people.

Even if you keep passwords to yourself, crafty thieves can still get your codes if you have poor garage door opener security.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

When the first generation of these doors came about, they all featured the same code. If a thief came around and your door just happened to be the same brand of their transmitter, you had a bad day.

The same thing happened with the second wave of these doors. You could change the code on the door but, a lot of people just kept the default. Mix and repeat the scenario from above.

You want to make sure your door features rolling-code technology. Your remote will generate a new security code every time it’s used. There are over 100 billion codes out there so the likelihood of a robber finding the right one will be small.

Just because you do have a fancy automatic door, doesn’t mean they don’t have another trick to use to get in.

Use A Zip Tie

Thieves can get in your garage even if you have an automatic door. They do this within 6 short minutes by using a wired hanger to reach the emergency release handle.

You can prevent this little trick with a trick of your own called a zip tie. All you have to do is connect it to a loop on the emergency hatch. This will stop thieves from disabling the door and getting in. You can watch several tutorials online on how to do this.

Another preventive measure you can take is always keeping your door opener with you.

Keep Your Garage Door Opener Near You

This sounds like an obvious one but, don’t keep your door opener somewhere easy to access.

The pull to keep it in your car for convenience reasons is huge but, it also makes it easier for a thief to snatch it.

Keep your opener in your house at all times or somewhere else that isn’t easy for a robber to get to.

If you feel like you absolutely need it in your car then lock it in the glove compartment. It will be out of sight and out of mind that way.

Speaking of keeping things out of sight, you might want to continue this mindset and make sure they can’t see into your garage at all.

Keep Your Garage Windows Covered

Keep your garage doors frosted over. To do this, simply use a frosty spray paint and go over your windows.

If a robber can’t see inside than they are less likely to rob your house. This, and they can’t see if your car isn’t there or not.

If a thief doesn’t know if you’re home or not they are less likely to try and break in. If they can peek in and see that your car is gone, they may poke around a bit.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and just fog up your windows so they can’t peer inside.

Just because a robber can’t get into the main door of your garage, doesn’t mean they won’t try a side door.

Use A Door Devil

If you have a less stable side door going into your garage, a robber may try and kick it down. To prevent this, use a door devil.

These helpful door stops screw into the ground and keep your door from being compromised.

Make sure you also install one of these nifty devices to the door leading from your garage to your house.

This will ensure that even if they manage to break into your garage, they won’t be able to go much further than that.

If your door is up to date, and free of technical issues, that will make it even easier to keep a secure garage door.

Don’t Neglect Garage Door Maintenance

You don’t want to neglect maintenance on your garage door, or the front door as well. Always look out for faulty parts or knicks in the wood.

If these issues are obvious to you, they will really be obvious to intruders. Deal with these issues quickly, because they are weak spots.

For more ideas on maintaining your garage door in Arlington TX please visit us here.

Securing Your Garage Door In Arlington TX

Your garage door is the gateway to your front door. If you have even the slightest slip-up, that gives robbers easy access to your home.

Keep your passwords, codes, and opening device to yourself. Make sure that potential invaders can’t even see into the building. Keep you and your family safe.

For more tips on securing your garage door in Arlington TX please visit us here.

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