Balancing Your Garage Door

Balancing a garage door

Balancing a garage door is not a circus act. It is a relationship between the weight of the garage door and the springs that counter the weight.  There is a simple way to check the balance of your garage door. An out of balance door will put extra load on your opener and can cause the opener to fail early.

To perform the test, close the door normally, detach your automatic opener. Stand at the middle of the door and lift it to the halfway mark and carefully let go. If the door closes with dramatic movement be ready to grab it.
If the door closes quickly then the spring tension is too weak; if the door continues to open the spring tension is too great. What you are looking for is no movement or very little. If the door stays in the position you put it in, you can continue on with your basic maintenance or inspections. If the door continues to move it will need additional adjustments.
We recommend that if you have a torsion spring system you call a professional. These springs hold hundreds of pounds of torque and if adjusted improperly can result in serious injuries.
Extension springs can run parallel to the track and can be adjusted. Keep in mind you should always have safety precautions in mind.
A balanced garage door will keep your automatic opener happy. Should you need to manually use your garage door it will operate easily and with proper balance.
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