Your Best Choices for a New Garage Door in Arlington Texas

Garage Door in Arlington TexasWhether you’re looking for home or business a garage door is an important investment. For a great garage door in Arlington, Texas, you need to factor in both quality and price.

The differences between commercial and residential products as well as different materials will be major considerations. Make sure you follow this guide to make the most of your garage door in Arlington, Texas.

Commercial or Residential Garage Door Arlington Texas

One of the biggest factors in choosing a garage door in Arlington, Texas, is whether it is for a home or a business. There are some major differences to consider when choosing between a residential and commercial garage door:

Commercial Garage Doors

For your commercial garage door in Arlington, Texas, you need reliable service. Downtime kills small businesses.

A garage door or overhead door malfunction can destroy productivity. For many businesses, a garage door is the lifeblood of the company.

From receiving inventory to shipping customer orders, a problem with an overhead door can ruin a day or send productivity into a tailspin.

The auto industry estimates downtime costs $22,000 per minute. Without the ability to ship and receive your business will suffer.

Commercial garage doors will have industrial mechanical components and sturdy construction. The right investment in commercial garage doors in Arlington, Texas, will save money down the road.

Residential Garage Doors

A larger priority in the home is matching materials and styles to the look of your residence. A residential garage door in Arlington, Texas, won’t face the same levels of use and wear as a commercial type.

It is still important to buy sturdy materials that match the overall needs of your home. This includes factoring in the insulation qualities and energy saving possibilities.

Your garage may be a money drain on the home without the right products. Texas ranks 22nd in the country in energy costs– make sure you aren’t paying more than you have to.

With the right garage doors in Arlington, Texas, you can save money on your bills and add to the beauty of your home.

Wind Resistant

While Arlington and surrounding areas are at low risk for a hurricane it is still important to factor in wind speeds when purchasing a garage door in Arlington, Texas.

You may even want to talk to your home insurance broker, or commercial insurance specialist, for more information. Depending on your policy and risk you may stand to save money by investing in windproof products.

Tornadoes are a risk for Arlington and the right garage doors can help withstand harsh storms under certain conditions.

Manual Vs. Automatic

In today’s world of smartphone technology and fast results, some home and business owners are surprised to find manual garage doors are a good solution. Other home and business owners know that manual is best for their needs.

Manual garage doors offer lower costs and less mechanical complexity. For low volume use in a home or business, they can do the trick.

It is important, to be honest about needs and realities up front though. In many cases an automatic door is invaluable.

The time saved and ease make automatic doors the best choice for most.

Garage Door Materials and Steel

One of the biggest considerations about price and quality is the materials your garage door is made of. Your garage door in Arlington, Texas, will be made of steel, aluminum, wood, composite, or fiberglass.

While steel doors are very popular they have drawbacks. Easily maintained, and available in a wide range of textures, many homeowners, and business owners go for steel right away.

But steel is a poor insulator. The money you save on the door could be raising your electric bills. There are other materials all home and business owners should consider first.

Other Materials To Explore

There are different benefits to each material type when it comes to garage doors. While steel could be a perfect fit, make sure to think about:

  • Wood: Wood is an inexpensive solution and offers traditional styles.
  • Aluminum: More flexible and lighter than steel with many of the same properties. Beware– aluminum doors are easily dented.
  • Composite: Composite materials are sturdy and heavy. They also are great for the long haul because they resist rot and wear.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass may not be the best choice for a garage door in Arlington, Texas. While the material is light it makes a poor insulator and is not sturdy.

Understand the Warranty

A warranty is an important component of your new garage door. Understanding the warranty your garage door comes with and what it covers is a big part of making the right choice.

Some service companies and suppliers may only stand by one part of the work. For your home or business garage door, make sure both the materials and the work is covered.

Too many home and business owners discover too late that only the door itself is covered. Or they have an issue with the door itself down the road and find a hassle when it comes to getting a refund.

Understand the warranty and look for one that covers both installation and materials.

Focus on Price

Once you know the materials and qualities you are looking for in a garage door in Arlington it is time to focus on price.

Homeowners and business owners don’t need to overspend to get quality products. At the same time, you shouldn’t be looking for the cheapest product on the market- this will only compromise quality. Get a quote and compare it to other prices online.

Get Expert Help for Your Garage Door Arlington Texas

With all of the options on the market available to get the right balance between quality and price. You want a garage door that will match the design of your home and deliver all the benefits you need.

Customers love Alamo Door because we give great service, selection, and price. We are a family owned business committed to providing our customers and the community with 5-Star Service.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Alamo Door provides recognized quality. We can help you decide on the best garage door for your home or business.

Don’t wait to get the expert help you need. Contact Alamo Door today for the best service and selection.

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