Big Tex goes up in smoke!!

Big Tex in smoke
Sad news today that a fire destroyed Big Tex this morning.  Only leaving behind little more than the metal frame of the 52 foot tall metal and fabric Texas cowboy that has been an icon of the State Fair of Texas.
Some fabric that made up the towering structure’s hand and sleeves could still be seen as firefighters gathered around putting out the last embers.


Big Tex
HEIGHT:        52 Feet
WEIGHT:       6,000 Pounds
HAT:                75 Gallon, measuring 5 feet high
SHIRT:            The Williamson-Dickie Company will cover TEX’s 30 foot chest with a shirt that
 has a 100 inch neck and 181 inch long sleeves.  This is 600 times larger than the shirts they sell in the stores.  The buttons are 3 and a half inches in diameter and the shirt contains 70 yards of blue denim and 80 yards of awning material.  It took 2 weeks and a team of 8 workers to make the shirt at the Dickies work-ware plant in Fort Worth, Texas.  
BELT:            23 feet long, with a 50 pound buckle
PANTS:        Size 284W x 185L.  The rivets are 3 and a half inches in diameter, the inseam is 200 inches, the fly is 56 inches long and his pants weigh a total of 65 pounds.  And, the Dickies’ folks worked a week to sew the new pants. 
BOOTS:        Size 70, measuring 7 foot 7 inches high
One thing we can be certain of….. You know the saying.. In Texas all things are “BIGGER and BETTER” can’t wait to see the “NEW and IMPROVED” Big Tex!!
Come on State Fair of Texas 2013
Big Tex in smoke


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