How to Pick a Beautiful Garage Door: Incorporate Style


How to Pick a Beautiful Garage Door: Incorporate Style The right garage door can really pull together the overall style of your home and give it harmonious character. It’s often a subtle choice between doors that add to your curb-appeal or don’t, so here’s some quick starter tips for finding the perfect fit. Assess Your […]

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Don’t Chance It, Check It! Garage door safety is a huge importance with your garage. Don’t take a chance! Check it now.   Here’s 3 Easy Steps To Check Your Garage Door Safety ~ 1. Check the sides of your garage door for properly installed photo-eyes (black sensors), mounted no higher than 6 inches off […]


  What Is A Dad?     A dad is someone who   wants to catch you before you fall   but instead picks you up,   brushes you off,   and lets you try again.       A dad is someone who   wants to keep you from making mistakes   but instead […]


  School Out! For Summer   Now that school is out for the Summer and activities are being planned.  Don’t forget to reserve some time for home maintenance around your home.     Garage door maintenance and safety play a big part.   When is the last time you’ve had a trained door technician to […]

5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener


  Safety Reversal Since 1993 garage door openers have been required to be equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. This feature utilizes two sensors about six inches above floor level on both sides of the door. When any object, such as a child or pet, runs through the light beam created by these sensors while […]

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