5 Common Causes for Garage Door Repair Arlington TX

Garage Door Repair Arlington TX

Few things in life are worse than pulling up to your house, hitting the garage door button, and seeing nothing happen. That ice cream in your trunk might start to melt down faster than your kiddos who are anxious to get out. In a world filled with technological conveniences, sometimes our most common perks give […]

Automatic Gate Repair

Can I Replace a Section of My Door, or Do I Need to Replace the Entire Door?

  If you want to repair your Automatic Gate call us now (817) 265-2563  we are working in: Arlington, TX, Mansfield Grapevine, Ft. Worth, Southlake, Grand Prairie, Bedford, Irving Euless, McKinney, Hurst, Planoand Southlake Frisco There is nothing worse than coming home from work late only to discover that your automatic gate won’t budge. Or, let’s say you go to […]

Community is the Coin of Social Capital


Who We Are: Part IV  Community   Everyone likes using the word “community”. There isn’t a political race that goes by without someone – probably everyone – trotting out a well-worn catchphrase involving “community” designed to make you think they’ve got your back and you can trust them to get your mail next time you’re […]

Smiling Is The Curve That Makes Things Straight

Smiling Is The Curve That Makes Things Straight

Who We Are: Part I Smiling For any business, one of the most valuable attributes both internally and to the customer is a cheerful attitude. The simple act of smiling at a stranger is the beginning of many long and treasured relationships. To smile and be pleasant no matter what the circumstances is not natural […]

DIY: Waterproof Your Garage Floor

DIY: Waterproof Your Garage Floor

  Wet weather leads to ruined garage floors. All that moisture and rain can really affect your concrete. But, have no fear, here’s an easy DIY to maintain your garage floors in this wet season.   What you will need: Broom and dustpan Scrub brush and cleaning product Waterproof epoxy or waterproof paint The first […]