How to Choose the Right Garage Door Colors for Your Arlington, TX Garage

Garage door colorsAre you trying to pick the perfect shade for your garage door? Choosing garage door colors isn’t a small decision. It can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home.

There are a few things to take into consideration before you make the big decision. Once you know what’s important, what to shoot for, and what to avoid, you’re on your way to a great looking door.

For some great tips on choosing garage door colors for new doors or existing ones that will work best for your house and improve curb appeal, read on.

For Simplicity, Coordinate With House Colors

The easiest pick for a garage door color is one that matches the existing house exterior colors well. This means that your home’s main exterior materials should be considered as the color to match with.

For a stone or brick home, choose a door color that is most similar to a dominant color in your masonry. For homes with siding, pick the color that most closely matches the paint on your exterior.

Garage doors that blend with the main color of the house tend to make the house look bigger. They also keep the main focus off the garage door.

This approach is different from matching your door with window trim or a front door. When you match with these details and smaller aspects, it can give the house a busy look that takes away from its overall appearance. It detracts from other house details and features that should stand out more than garage doors.

Keeping your garage door colors as close to the exterior color as possible is also the safest bet if you plan to sell your home in the near future.

Take Your Cue from Tried-and-True Colors

Sometimes choosing what’s popular is a good way to go. After all, it likely became popular for a good reason! Garage door colors are no exception.

If you want a garage door color that looks great and is a good fit for most homes, go for colors that are more popular and time-tested.

Some great popular garage door colors to consider are:

  • Classic white for a clean appearance
  • Soft or light gray as a modern neutral
  • Charcoal gray or black for impact
  • Dark walnut brown for a heavy wood feel
  • Taupe or beige for a neutral look

For solid curb appeal, consider using a popular color that fits well with the rest of your home. Consider your home’s current color palette, architectural style, and building materials when making your decision.

Go For Impact with Contrasting Color

Not into subtle or safe when it comes to garage door colors? If matching isn’t your goal, consider a color that contrasts with or accents your home’s trim, siding, brick, or stone.

Contrasting doesn’t mean picking an off-the-wall color that distracts and makes the house look less attractive. It’s about observing color theory and choosing complements. It means choosing a color that is completely different from the other main colors but is still complementary.

Contrasting colors that are carefully chosen each make each other look more striking than they would be on their own. Some excellent contrasting color combination ideas are:

  • White garage doors with red brick
  • Black doors on a gray house with white trim
  • Burnt orange or red doors with neutral or gray-toned brick
  • Navy, charcoal, and black doors on homes with white or pale colored siding
  • Deep blue doors with yellow siding

Keep in mind that when you choose a contrasting color, it brings attention to your doors. If you like your garage doors and they’re in good shape, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Let Your Garage Door Colors Show Your Personality

You may want colors chosen for your exterior to reflect your individual style. Garage doors can be a nice outlet for your personality. Feel free to try unexpected colors that add visual interest or contrast to your house.

While choosing a door color that suits your personality can work, try to keep it simple. Stick with one color for the doors. Unless you have a special door shape that accommodates the look, don’t go two-toned.

It’s worth noting that a color choice that’s really bright or unusual might not appeal to the next person who’ll own the house. If you plan to sell your house, a unique or attention-grabbing color may not be the best choice.

Match Your Garage Door Colors to Your Trim

Sometimes going with the same color on your garage doors as you have on your window trim can work without affecting the look of the house. The best time to go this route is when trim is a light or neutral color.

The window trim is usually the same color as other outside architectural elements such as molding and columns. Matching garage doors to the color of these elements work best when they are already a color that contrasts with the main color of the house.

A Few Things to Avoid When Choosing Garage Door Colors

It’s generally best to avoid choosing a door color that matches your front door or window shutters. Garage doors are much larger and can take attention away from these points of interest. This gives the front of houses a disjointed look.

Avoid painting the trim around the garage doors a different color than the doors. This is distracting and brings too much focus onto the doors.

If your garage has panels, textures, or other structure details, do not paint them different colors. Unless your door is older or a specialty door, only one color should be used.

If your garage doors face strong morning or evening sun, it’s a good idea to go with lighter colors. Garage doors provide a large surface area for the sun to hit. Dark colors will absorb heat and fade more quickly than lighter, more neutral shades.

Great Garage Door Colors for Curb Appeal

The right garage door colors can work wonders for a home’s exterior. This can be true with traditional picks and more adventurous choices.

Are you in the market for a beautiful new garage door for your home? Contact us today to find out more about our selection and service!

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