Why DIY Garage Repairs Are a Bad Idea

Southlake garage door repair

Do-it-yourself projects are popular in today’s society. Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty or are trying to save a buck, there are some serious things to consider before attempting to fix your garage door yourself.

Did you know that more than 40 million people go to the ER each year due to personal injury, and 82% of them are accidents?

In addition, DIY garage door repairs often result in more damage and expenses.

Keep reading to find out why you should avoid doing it yourself and hire a professional for your Southlake garage door repair.

1. Countereffect

All too often we see this happen. Someone tries to fix their garage door on their own and ends up with more issues than they started with.

This happens for many different reasons. To start, garage doors are complex. Without extensive knowledge and training within garage door manufacturing and mechanics, it is easy to misunderstand what, or where, the issue is.

Lack of knowledge can quickly turn a simple fix into a costly repair or even replacement. Not to mention a waste of time.

Secondly, garage repairs need specialized tools made specifically for garage repairs. Many times people try to fix the garage door with tools they already have.

Using the wrong tools can damage the door and/or opener as well as the tools themselves (we all know tools aren’t cheap). In addition, misuse of tools can lead to injuries.

2. It’s Dangerous

Garage doors are dangerous on their own. They weigh between 200 and 500 pounds and include moving parts that can entangle or catch other objects.

Throw in standing on a ladder, using power tools, and taking the door apart and you’ve got a significant increase in the risk of injury or damage.

Trying to fix your garage door often includes standing on ladders. This can lead to falls and relative injuries.

Another hazard is the collapsing of the door itself. Tinkering with parts can cause the door or parts of the garage door system to fall. This creates risk involving the door falling on you or your personal items like your vehicle. It can also cause damage to your garage floor, too.

Torsion springs and extension springs are also both highly dangerous. These are common in residential garage doors. Torsion springs are mounted above the door on the ceiling of your garage and involve tightly wound parts.

The design of torsion springs means there is a lot of tension placed on the part. If the spring breaks or you have cut it loose during your DIY repair, pieces could violently fly loose and injury you or your belongings.

Extension springs line the sides of your garage door near the upper door track. Like torsion, they hold tension whether the door is open or closed. The strings stretch to open the door slowly and gently, leading to more tension.

Disconnecting the extension cables poses the same threats — snapping, breaking, and flying pieces. If a spring snaps you, it can be life-threatening.

Repairing garage door springs wrongly can result in collapsing doors and more risk of harm.

Both damages to your items and injury can become costly and even fatal. Skip the risk and hire a professional for your Southlake garage door repair.

3. Voided Warranty

Most garage door warranties require all repairs to be completed by licensed and trained garage door professionals. This means if you attempt to fix the door yourself and something goes wrong, your warranty could be stripped away.

Without a warranty, the cost of repairing or replacing garage doors can get very expensive.

If you have a warranty on your garage door, then there is no point in trying to fix it yourself in the first place. Your warranty will help cover some or all of the costs to have a knowledgeable technician do the job.

Check with your door manufacturer to see if you have a warranty and learn about the approved technicians in your area.

4. Financially Unessecary

Purchasing a Southlake garage door repair is truly not that costly. Garage door repairs are actually one of the most affordable home repairs on the market. This is because the parts, as well as labor rates, are inexpensive.

Professional garage door service providers get wholesale deals when purchasing parts. They also will already have the parts and tools necessary to implement the fix.

Compare that to having to order or purchase the parts at retail value (which is much more expensive) and likely pay for shipping or delivery fees. And don’t forget to throw in the amount of time you’ll spend trying to repair the door or system and any additional damage that may arise.

You can see that it is likely more economical to pay for a professional repair. Plus, it will provide you and your family peace of mind knowing that the job will get done correctly and in a timely manner.

Avoid the Risk and Hire Alamo Doors and Gates for your Southlake Garage Door Repair

DIY garage door repairs can result in more damage (to your door and/or your stuff), injury, and increased costs. Avoid the hassle and hire us for your Southlake garage door repair. You won’t regret it.

At Alamo Doors and Gate, we offer both residential and commercial garage door services for all your needs. Whether your garage door issue is structural, mechanical, or electrical, we will restore your garage door back to great condition in a timely and affordable manner.

From simple dents to wiring issues, we’ve got your back. We have 18 years of experience in the Southlake and Dallas-Fortworth region.

Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote. We are available 24/7 and provide same-day emergency services.

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