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garage door opener

We have some customers that like to do the work on the garage door and garage door opener themselves and for those customers we do have or can always get the materials that are needed.  We carry different size extension springs, and if we don’t have it we can get it. (Torsion springs we cannot sell for liability reasons, but we do have them and can install for you).  Also, for the garage door we have weather seal for the bottom or for the perimeter. We can even get you panels for most garage door’s depending on the age and style of the door. We have hardware such as handles, locks, hinges, rollers, operator brackets the list goes on and on. For the garage door opener we sell, gear and sprocket sets, limit switches, trolley assembly’s,motor capacitor, logic boards and anything else that can be replaced. We also have the lubricants, wax and grease to keep the parts lubed up and in working order. Of course, we also sell the wall buttons, remotes, keypads.  So DIY’ers we have you covered.  Give us a call at 817.265.2563

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