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garage door arlington texasHome journalists like Laura Crombie see garage doors as an important part of the appearance of your house. It’s about making the most of limited space, better security, and visual impact. Think about your garage door Arlington Texas, as a statement about your style.

Knowing how to maintain a garage door is part of preserving that great curb appeal. There is no point in buying a great garage door if it does not stay in good working order and condition.

Read on to learn how to perform maintenance on your garage door.

Inspect Your Garage Door

If you have never inspected your garage door, now is the time to do it. Start now and do it on a regular basis. This will save you money in the long run and help you head off any major problems early.

The inspection is not a technical task. If you have a metal door check to see if there is any rust. This is likely to show itself with small spots of rust. If there are rust spots clean them and paint them over.

If you have a wooden garage door, check for any areas where there has been some damage from damp or water. Seal or paint any affected areas or re-paint the whole door.

Check Your Garage Door Balance

The garage door works best when in perfect balance. To check the balance, close the door. Pull the emergency release to disconnect the opener. This allows you to operate the door manually.

The door is in balance if you can raise the door effortlessly and with no difficulty or resistance. If the door can open to about four feet from the ground and stay there it is fine. If it will not rest in that position, get a professional to adjust the balance.

Safety Test

After checking the balance of the door servicing garage door safety devices is your next task. The opener for your garage should have a working reverse feature. This puts a closing door into reverse if any obstruction, such as a child or pet, is in the way.

Lay an obstruction such as a brick or plank on the floor in the path of the door. Press the button to shut the door. The door should reverse once it touches the brick or plank.

If the door does not reverse, it may need adjustment to reduce the force required to reverse the door. Your user manual will give instructions on how to adjust the sensitivity of the reverse mechanism. If you have any doubt about how to do this seek professional help.

This test is vital to carry out after doing any work of the door. Also carry out the test monthly, to ensure safe operation.


Regular lubrication is necessary to keep all moving parts working effectively. Oil springs, hinges, rollers, and bearings with a spray lubricant. Lubricate the door opener chain with grease.

Garage Door Arlington Texas

Now you know how to maintain garage door safety and effectiveness, build it into your monthly routine. You don’t need technical skills. Just do it regularly.

It is useful to get professional help on occasion. Ask your garage door installer or a professional repairer for advice about lubricants and any more technical repairs.

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