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Garage Door Installation

Garages are wonderful things! We can park cars in them. Bands have been formed and disbanded within their walls. They hold so many of our precious and sometimes forgotten possessions. However, a garage is only as good as its door. Hence why it’s important to make sure that your garage door is the best that it can be. Still, it’s hard to find professionals that you can trust.

Where can you turn to make sure that your choice will not only be the most amazing in terms of design but also be affordable? With Alamo Door & Gates, you can ensure that your garage door installation goes off without a hitch!

A Name You Can Trust

We are well trained in what we do. 18 years in the business servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area has made Alamo Door & Gates a leader in installing garage doors.

We will make sure that whatever work is done is done to perfection so your gorgeous new door will last for years to come! Replacements, repairs, or initial installations, nothing is too hard for our experts! We have seen it all! From accidentally charging your car through the closed doorway, resulting in it shattered to bits, to minor repairs to old door parts, nothing is out of our skill set.

Quality of construction, beauty in design, and ease of installation are hallmarks of our work. We take personal pride and joy in what we do. Each door is created with care and the owner in mind. When installed, your new garage door is meant to be the best in your neighborhood.

All shall stop to marvel at its lovely design and how it fits with the construction of the home. With 86 different designs and 24 window options, a door to fit your fancy is closer than you think.

Vast Selection

Not only is your garage door a way into your garage, it’s a statement piece. It shows off your personality and style. Just like the car you drive, the clothes you wear, and the decor of your home provide glimpses into your inner soul, so does your choice of a garage door.

Choose a sectional garage door, considered to be the most popular choice in America. Assembled from panel sections connected by hinges, the door raises and lowers by wheels on the corners of each panel located in vertical tracks on the sides of the opening with high-tension springs allowing the door to remain raised or keeping it closed.

Made from steel and low maintenance, these doors can allow for a variety of window inserts and colors. If you’re more for elegance, try a side-hinged garage door. As the name states, this style allows the doors to swing open or closed by the hinged frames holding the doors in place. They make you think of old-fashioned barns or stables due to their more prolific designs. These doors work great for garages with smaller headspaces than the norm.

Whatever style you fancy, we have what you’re looking for. The Regal Series has sectional garage doors made for the modern home. For the old-fashioned touch, the Classic Cherry series has side-hinge doors created from the finest timbers. Each can be modified using window inserts and a variety of colors to create a unique masterpiece.

Our goal is to create the statement piece that works best for your home. Our professionals are trained to work with you from start to finish. From designing the door you want to installing it or just patching up a beloved entryway. Your garage is as much a part of you as the rest of your home. It’s an invitation to come inside. Come visit with friends or family for a spell. Make memories to last a lifetime. From family barbecues to ping pong battles, the garage is a cozy spot for one and all. Keep the cozy factor intact by making sure your entry point is in tiptop shape and looking sharp.

For More Info

If you’re interested in a garage door installation price, contact one of our professionals at Alamo Door & Gate today. Call (817) 265-2563 for 24/7 assistance or stop by 1821 E Division St in Arlington, Texas to meet with someone in person. Don’t let garage door installation costs scare you from the door of your dreams. Payment plans and options are available to make reaching your door dreams come to reality quickly. Contact us today to begin the process!

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