Garage Door Monitor Tells you when your door is up or down

Garage Door

No more getting out of bed and stumbling downstairs to check if the garage door is closed. The LiftMaster® Garage Door Monitor tells you if your garage door is open or closed from any room in your home.  Really easy to install probably take you all of 10 minutes to give you peace of mind at night.
It is amazing how many times that you will find the door open when you thought you had shut it. It is scary to think all night long you left your door open.! Here’s how it happens you hit your garage door button it starts down and you go inside not waiting to watch it close fully. The door travels down almost closes and then right back up while you are now resting comfortably in your chair thinking your door is closed, but it’s not!

With this garage door monitor you can sit in your chair and see if  the door is up or down by the green or red light that is on the monitor. When the door is open the lights red. When it’s closed the light is green. That’s it simply put. Everyone should have a garage door monitor for your peace of mind or your wifes:)

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