Garage doors

Garage doors

The difference that a new “modern” garage door can make to your home is endless.  We have most any style you could want to accent your home, from wood grain, to wood grain look, to long or short panels, there are lots of styles to choose from.

Garage doors

You can add windows, trim on the windows to dress it up, there is a large selection of windows and trim to choose from to customize your garage door. You can even choose Decraglass or Decratrim for a unique look that is all your own.

In our showroom not only do we have actual garage doors for your convenience but also we have brochures to let you be in control of how you want your garage door to look.  We sell the Oak Summit Collection and the Heritage Collection as well as the Stratford Collection.  You can view and decide if you want the 1000 (single layer of steel) or the 2000 ( layer of steel and vinyl backed insulation) or the 3000 (double  layer of steel with insulation).

We have several colors to choose from to match your home, you can also customize your panels from short panels to long panels, flush panels or ribbed.

You can also add hinges and hardware to give it an authentic look.

The possibility’s are endless.

Please feel free to come in to our showroom and let us show you all the different selection and pricing for your garage door needs.

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