Lacking that Curb Appeal?

Curb Appeal

The most noticeable architectural element of today’s home is the garage door.  Many houses are designed with garages that are visible from the street.  If the garage holds two or more cars, then its a dominant feature of your home..  
What does yours look like?
Replacing your old garage door with with the latest carriage house style door can completely change the look of your home.  In fact, this can do almost more than any other improvement to dress up the exterior – especially one with a front facing garage.  Replacing your garage door with a new upscale model may even boost the resale value of your home.  
There was a recent online survey that revealed that 71% of homeowners who recently replaced their garage door believe it increased the value of their home.

Today’s garage doors are better insulated and stronger as well as safer.  There is a wide selection of garage doors that one can chose from depending on your preferences and your budget.  It is important to keep in mind that the garage door should compliment the architecture of your home.


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