Winter Is Here!!

Winter Is Here
I headed to work this morning and the temperature showed a whopping 32 degrees out in the country. It was plenty cold for this native Texan. As I bundled up and waited for my car to decide to blow some warm air around, I began to think. Now, perhaps you aren’t like me but if I’m idle my mind starts going.
So, I’m thinking how many of the people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area went out into their garages and felt that cold air coming in around their garage doors. Most will put up with it because it’s too much trouble or they aren’t sure what to do.
Staying warm in winter is not always easy, so here are just a few ideas on helping you stay warm and safe this Holiday Season.
1.      Make sure your remotes and keypads are working and replace the batteries if needed. It’ll keep you from climbing out of the car into the cold to raise the garage door. Alamo Door & Awning will replace batteries in your remotes and keypads and we have a remote to work with your garage door opener.
2.      Make sure your garage door is always closed on your home. Thieves can “shop” from the street and an open garage door helps them out. Alamo Door & Awning sells a sensor that tells you if the door is open or closed from inside your house, you don’t have to run out and check the door, you know by a glance that your door is shut.
3.      Weather seal is an easy and quick way to help keep Old Man Winter out of your garage. It’s something that you can install yourself, you just have to hop over to Alamo Door & Awning let us fix you right up with the weather seal that will work for you, we even have weather seal that is universal, it’ll work on any door!!
Stay Warm!!

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