What to Do if You Have a Faulty Garage Door Sensor

garage door sensor

Having trouble with the garage door sensor? A faulty garage door sensor can cause serious harm. As a matter of fact, faulty garage doors cause 10,580 home injuries each year. If you have an automatic garage door, the sensor will make or break your experience and sense of convenience. You need to make sure the […]

Make the Garage Work

The garage is an American phenomenon, a huge five- or six-hundred square-foot space we tend to regard as a just a place to park cars and randomly stack stuff. Utilized correctly, however, the garage becomes a hardworking room.  Here are five ideas to quickly and inexpensively begin utilizing what used to be the least useful […]

Excellence: We’re Not Interested In Just Being Good


Who We Are: Part III Excellence   The word “excellence” is used in marketing so often today that we often glance over the word without considering it’s meaning. In our series about Alamo Door & Awning’s core principles, we want to address the concept of excellence and what it means to us. In his first […]



Who We Are: Part II Integrity Integrity is a quality that we value highly here at Alamo Door & Awning. It’s a core value that we want to demonstrate with each and every one of you. However, integrity is a word that, while still recognized, many would find hard to define. We would like to […]

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