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What’s it like to live in Fort Worth-TX Fort Worth-TX? This question must have crossed your mind if you are planning to move to this location. Texas has a slot to offer as it has an exciting and sub-urban environment that makes it cool and refreshing.

Besides what the entire location offers, you may need to consider some of the best areas to live within this location. Like many parts of the US, there are various suburbs that you can call home once you move to this part of the state.

This article will review a few suburbs that can offer you and your family the best residential environment. Keep reading to discover what could be your next home.

1. Arlington Heights

This neighborhood is perfect for anyone looking for a smart residential area. Whether you are a single millennial or having a family, Arlington Heights will offer you an ideal environment to live. The homes are cozy, and the place is quiet and proximal to many things to do.

For instance, you get easy access to the cultural district that hosts some of the US’s best museums. You can also check out the movie theatre and restaurants just 10 minutes away in West 7th. This access to various locations makes it a fun and exciting place to stay.

2. Rivercrest

Rivercrest is one of the best neighborhoods you can move to in the US. It is a quiet location that gives residents easy access into and out of the city. Therefore, young professionals and families can find it the best place to start life.

This place is well known as home to the Rivercrest Country Club. There are high-quality homes that bring in much value for the investors and tenants. Family walks and golf are a lifestyle in Rivercrest.

3. Fairmount

Located in the near southside district, Fairmount provides the best environment for everyone moving into the state. It is a historic neighborhood that has a lot to see during the weekends and holidays. Besides, it offers some of the most fantastic coffee and food spots.

You will find it convenient for family as it has a park and schools, making it an excellent place for kids. Additionally, there are lots of beautiful homes surrounding this location. In general, it is an exciting place as it provided fun-lovers with enough fun.

4. Westover Hills

Development began in this location in the early 1930s. It is now one of the wealthiest places you can move to in the US. Westover Hills Westover Hills has just over 700 people who own massive homes and enjoying the incredible landscapes surrounding the suburb to the east and west.

It is one of the best places you can stay because of its proximity to other exciting sites. For instance, the cultural district that hosts museums is 10 minutes away from Westover Hills. A five-minute drive will also get you to the River District that also hosts tons of restaurants.

5. Westcliff

It is one of the super family-friendly suburbs you can stay in within this state. Being near Texas Christian University, you can expect homes to be relatively cheap compared to other locations. Most of the houses are mid-sized as the target market consists of students.

There’s no need to worry if you are moving with your family. Tanglewood Elementary school is one of the schools your young kids can attend. Besides, the suburb has a diverse population, as mentioned earlier, and therefore, people from a wide range of incomes can stay there.

Although families and seniors are staying at this location, young people can still find it fun and exciting as you can feel the college environment all over. You can also catch a football match at the nearby Amon G. Carter Stadium Amon G. Carter Stadium.


As you can see, this location has it all in terms of what its neighborhoods have to offer. Whether it is having fun, enjoying means, drinking, attending school, or a weekend getaway, you will not miss your perfect suburb.

Every location has something unique to offer both to residents and newcomers. It is best to consider the unique things in all these locations before choosing the best for your needs. Most of these locations can be home to people with diverse income abilities, making it easy to find your best pick.

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